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The American Salesman Magazine is a monthly publication designed for sales professionals. Its primary objective is to provide informative articles which develop the attitudes, skills, personal, and professional qualities, of the sales representative, allowing them to use more of their potential to increase productivity and achieve goals.

Content: Through content rich material feature articles are developed each month contributed by experienced sales professionals. Topics addressed within The American Salesman include improving sales productivity, motivating sales staff, determining customer needs and service, closing sales, goal setting, and many more vital topics that inspire and inform today's sales professionals to achieve greater success.

Submission of articles: We work in advance. Therefore, articles may be retained up to a year. There are two ways in which articles may be submitted for publication. The first being for pure publication. In this case the writer of the article retains all publication rights. National Research Bureau publishes the article, and a short biographical description of the writer. Once the article is published the writer will then receive two copies of the magazine in which their article appeared for reference. The second way in which articles may be submitted is for payment. National Research Bureau buys all rights. A signed release is required before publication. Finished articles should contain from 500 to 1,000 words. We pay 4 cents a word. Payment is made according to the release date of the issue in which the manuscript appears. A sample is mailed to the writer.

Please include the approximate number of words, send the manuscript in a Microsoft Word file, and information about the author as listed below, and send to

The Associated Press Stylebook is followed for editing. Please list the approximate number of words on each manuscript. The author should indicate address, current by-line containing background employment, company affiliation and educational degrees listing alma mater.

Your experience and ideas are valuable. Through the pages of The American Salesman Magazine, your message may become helpful to thousands of sales professionals.

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